Professional Wireless Weather Station with WIFI Connection and TFT Color Display

1.Professional Weather Station
2.WIFI connection
3.TFT Color Display
4.Solar Transmitter sensor
5.Integrated sensor

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 *Note: 39MB version and 3826MB version are hardwarely different. The upgrade firmware is not same. They are not compatable. You can find your hardware version by looking at the RAM size at the about page by pressing setup button. Please by very careful when using the upgrade firmware to upgrade your console.



1.TFT color display
2.Time display, including Hour, Minutes, Date
3.Automatic daylight saving time function.
4.Weather Symbols
5.Indoor air humidity/temperature measure and display.
6.Outdoor air humidity/temperature receiving and display.
7.Wind speed and wind direction display
8.Wind chill and Dew point temperature display
9.Rainfall data in 1hour,24hours, one week, one month and toal since last reset
10.Barometric pressure display
11.Hi/low alarm
12.Records of all minimum and maximum values along with time and date of their recordings.
13.Upload weather data to
www.wunderground.com automatically
14.Lux Meter(solar power inedex)
15.SD card memory
16.Wifi connection                                                              

Set includes:
1) Display Console
2) Outdoor Integrated sensor(Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge / Wind Speed / Wind direction /Transmitter)
3) Indoor sensor
4) 5V DC adaptor
Transmission distance in open field :     100m(330 feet)  
Frequency                              :     433 MHz / 868 MHz / 915 MHz (option)
Temperature range               :    -30˚C--65˚C (-22℉ to +149℉)
Measuring range rel. humidity     :     1%~99%
Rain volume display              :     0 – 9999mm (show --- if outside range)
Accuracy                                :     + / - 10%
Resolution                             :     0.3mm (if rain volume < 1000mm)
                                                    1mm (if rain volume > 1000mm)
Wind speed                          :     0-50m/s (0~100mph) (show --- if outside range)
Light                                      :     0-400k Lux
Power consumption
Base station                      :   5V DC adaptor (included)
Indoor sensor                     :   2xAAA alkaline batteries (not included)
Remote sensor                    :   3xAA  rechargeable batteries (included)


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